Lars Schotzau Welcome to a non-commercial art site, which tries to be commercial... Confused?... Well, my name is Lars Schotzau, I am an English speaking German with a Spanish soul, who loves art and creations in form of paintings, drawings, photography, poetry or whichever form one wants to express thoughts or emotions. Some people say I am an artist but who can define the meaning of "The artist"???

Anyway, are you already bored of this introduction which doesn't seem to end and you are dying to see the artwork, which fulfils my life??? Ok, then click now on the link below... for all the other ones, let me carry on for a little while:

Be assured that I don't want to keep you waiting here and I hope that the wait will be worth your while but before you enter this site I would like to tell you in advance that this gallery exhibits creations charged with passion, emotions, spirituality as well as criticism. My Art is like a diary of my own life, an exhibition in which I try to express and present my unconscious and/or conscious weltanschauung. Every day is an inspiration for me to construct a surreal, real or spiritual world filled with colours, symbols or words. It has become a screwdriver for me, which keeps me sane in a seemingly crazy world in which money appears to have more power than love.

But not only canvases or photographs are artistic outlets for me. Creating an atmosphere through interior design, building furniture or lights, has developed to be important to me as well.

Now you can get comfortable and click on the link below, bear in mind that the main intention of this site is to share my art and thoughts with you but at the end of the day I need to have a roof over my head as well. My art is therefore for sale as well so I won't stop you if you feel that one or two of my original pieces fits, according to your opinion, into your living space. Now sit back and ENJOY! 


Anyone with a connection slower than broadband may have some difficulty with the audio because we are streaming some large audio files here. Sorry about that!