Lars SchotzauThe feeling of having "weird" thoughts in my head, which seem to "haunt" me every now and then, do not leave me with any other choice than either transforming them into paintings, writing them down or a combination between the 2. Anyway...Here you find thoughts of mine...It can be just a simple question for which I dont seem to find the answer, "monologues" or whatever comes to my mind...So, take your cup of tea (my English friends), a beer (my German friends) or a plate of paella (my Spanish friends) and have a read through...


To My Way Of Thinking

To My Way Of Thinking...
Why are drugs like alcohol and 
                  cigarettes legal?Don't you 
                  know? Otherwise the state would loose far too much money!

“Why are drugs like alcohol and cigarettes legal?”


“Don't you know? Otherwise the state would loose far too much money!”


Latest Work

Latest Work

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One of the new pieces for my new Concept exhibition. A complete series of art works inspired by every day thoughts.

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Exhibition 7/11 until 26/11
A complete new "Larsarts" presents his new work at Galeria CON. An exhibition called "Open your eyes and see for yourself" can be seen from the 7th of November onwards and will be open for 3 weeks. The work on show is a completely new approach the way I perceive art and the meaning behind it. Mainly being conceptual art is can be seen as a representation of my vision towards society, politics and environment. Thoughts captured in the wall of frames using all sorts of materials. You can have a little preview by clicking "HERE". For further information on the gallery and exhibition space please visit .

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Loose change

Loose Change


A documentary, which concentrates on the events of September 11 and which offers a completely different perspective to the events surrounding the so-called “attacks” on America. The makers of this film question the official statements given and raise questions, which have not been answers by any officials investigating this event.

9/11 has been surrounded by lost of conspiracy theories and the opinions seem to be so different that I only can ask myself…Who is brainwashed here??? The conspiracy theorists or the people who believe so strongly that America actually has been attacked.

But I shall stop blabbering now and leave you the time to have a look at this film. Afterwards you will have hopefully your own opinion…I don’t want to be seen as a “preacher” here…all I would like to see is that people don’t always take for granted what they have been told. People should question things…

Have a nice day.


posted: 04.10.07

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Who killed the electric car?

Who killed the electric car?


I believe that many of you didn’t even know that electric cars were already driving on the streets of California 10 years ago…and according to this documentary they didn’t drive with a lousy speed of only 50km/h…No, they seemed to be very fast, sufficient and above all environmentally friendly…knowing now that all of them have been destroyed (except one, which is somewhere in a car museum) makes me feel sick…
By the looks of it they have been demolished because some people would have lost far too much money if these cars would have taken off and I have this feeling that they would have taken off since the majority of us seem to be concerned about environmental issues but the majority doesn’t seem to have any power anymore by the looks of it.
Ok, these electric cars had a few downsides but that was 10 years ago. These downside would have been probably removed by now already…but as I said…some people lost far too much money and the word “moral” doesn’t seem to exist in their brains. (And the life of their children doesn’t seem to be as important either….what a SICK WORLD!!!)

And, can we do anything about that? I am thinking and thinking but no proper idea has come to my mind yet…Do you have any ideas?

Please have a look at the trailer and if you are interested in watching the whole film (which I highly recommend) then please click HERE.


posted: 03.10.07

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The power of "Chi"

The power of "Chi"


We all have a “sleeping” power within us…a power, which helps us, living  a healthier and more balanced life…the power of Chi…

It is just a shame that we seem to loose that power…and it is a shame that lost of us don’t even know about it or believe in it.  Have a look at this little film and hopefully you will know what I am talking about.

PS: Or is it maybe good that we do not know about this power too much since half of humans would use it in a “negative” way??? A quote from a movie comes to my mind…”the human being is a virus”….DAMN!!!


posted: 02.10.07

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Jesus Camp Trailer

Jesus Camp Trailer


A very controversial documentary about an American camp teaching children a very fundamentalist way of being…a documentary which caused heated discussions all over the planet and I believe that it is a “must see” for everyone…religious or not religious.

I am not religious…I believe in myself and the powers within me, but that doesn’t mean that I have something against certain belief systems. If you believe in a higher power than this is ok with me…but killing yourself in the name of a “god” and taking the lives of others on the way simply sucks…(and by the way, who needs the institute of the church in order to believe in something? There are people out there who believe in god but they don’t need to go to every single Sunday mass in order to listen to a child-molesting priest and to leave half of their monthly wages behind. Isn’t that the way to go if you “believe”?)
These children in this documentary might be the next generation of the “killing machines” if we are not careful…From my point of view children should stay children…the parents should be in the position of teaching them values but they should not take away children’s “freedom” by sending them to a camp where they can sob about their “sins”…isn’t it normal that children commit mistakes…and don’t children actually learn from their mistakes?

In a conversation with a friend about this topic she mentioned the sentence that religion should be “rated” 18….and I think she is more than right. Do these children actually know what they are doing??? I doubt it…anyway…please have a look at the trailer and if you are interested try to find it and watch it…unfortunately I could not find the whole documentary on the internet…but who knows….thanks to the “hackers” out there I might be able to offer it to you one day….


posted: 02.10.07

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Globalisation and the Media

Globalisation and the Media


This film explores the way our modern media system is constructed and the way it shapes our way of thinking…It offers a wide range of viewpoints from broadcasters, journalists, alternative media activists, and news editors. It investigates the bias of Television news and furthermore you will find out what happens to the so-called freedom of press if some people try to get an alternative viewpoint across via the medium of the internet…
Hopefully it will open your eyes and maybe you come to the conclusion that we should not believe everything we have been told. Instead we should try to question things more often and use the rights we have been given instead of letting “them” rule our life’s.


Now click on “play” and enjoy…


posted: 30.09.07

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The power of Nightmares - BBC Documentary

The Power of nightmares...(BBC)


"Should we be worried about the threat from organised terrorism or is it simply a phantom menace being used to stop society from falling apart?" (Taken from
This BBC documentary explores the theory of how todays society could be based on "fear" in order to control the people living in it. It seems to have worked in past times during the cold war and it seems to work today as well. A different viewpoint, which you won't find too often in the general media, which seems to be more interested in keeping us stupid and not informed.
This makes me actually wonder why so many young people "refuse" to read a newspaper on a daily basis. Could it be that they simply do not trust the information given to them anymore? The answer to that question lies in your own head. (Just to let you know...I do not read any newspaper.)

Take a moment and have a look at this (from my point of view) very well presented documentary.


posted: 29.09.07

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A little joke (for a change)

Conspiracy Theories

George Bush goes to a primary school to talk to the kids to get some PR. After his talk he offers question time.

One little boy puts up his hand and George asks him his name.

"Stanley," responds the little boy.

"And what is your question, Stanley?"

"I have 4 questions: First, why did the USA invade Iraq without the support of the UN?

Second, why are you President when Al Gore got more votes?

Third, whatever happened to Osama Bin Laden?

Fourth, why are we so worried about gay-marriage when ½ of all Americans don't have health insurance?"

Just then, the bell rings for break.

George Bush informs the kiddies that they will continue after break. When they resume George says, "OK, where were we? Oh, that's right, It's question time. Who has a question?"

A different little boy puts up his hand. George points him out and asks him his name.

"Little Johnnie" he responds.

"And what is your question, Little Johnnie?"

"Actually Sir, I have 6 questions:

First, why did the USA invade Iraq without the support of the UN?

Second, why are you President when Al Gore got more votes?

Third, whatever happened to Osama Bin Laden?

Fourth, why are we so worried about gay marriage when 1/2 of all Americans don't have health insurance?

Fifth, why did the break bell go off 20 minutes early?

And sixth, what the f**k happened to Stanley?"

posted: 29.09.07

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Do schools today kill creativity? - Ken Robinson

Do schools today kill creativity?


"We are educating people out of their creativity." is one of the sentences used by Ken Robinson, who talks in this monologue about the way creativity is viewed in todays me a very interesting and at the same time very entertaining way (and true way) of perceiving this important topic. Once agin please take your time and have a look at this video...You will not regret it. And lets see if it leaves some sort of imprint in the grey masses of your brain. I do hope so.


posted: 27.09.07

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The Corporation (1/23)

The Corporation (1/23)


This is part 1 of an extremely interesting "eye-opener"...if you do find some time (and I beg you, please take the time) then please have a look at this documentary and forget about Big Brother for one night....This is a film done by a group of Canadians examining the way modern corporations are working.
Corporations have the same rights than a human being. They can buy properies like a human, they can sue and be sued in court, like a human being. The question for the filmakers was: If a corporation has the same rights than a human then what kind of "human" is the corporation??? So take a look and see what questions will run through your minds afterwards.
In my mind it just raised the question again:

"In what sort of world are we living in???"


posted: 26.09.07

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Comments about my art by "deathforgets"

The following lines have been written by "deathforgets" about some of my creations. Read for yourself

If you want to read more about "deathforgets" thoughts, poetry or want to see his creations then please visit:

Shopping Heaven:

Hmmm... that is often a difficult question. Clearly any form of excess and intense direction taken is an imbalance, and likely unhealthy. Too much consumerism/individualism can be destructive, most assuredly. On the other hand, if the pendulum swings in the other direction, the individual can be lost and discarded for the collective. If the collective enforces its structure upon the masses, the brilliance of fractals might be lost as the process of smoothing all into a greyness of level surfaces occurs. To be human seems to be a struggle to find some sort of functional existence between extremes, or to swing to one or another type of extreme...


Russia, like any other nation, has such history and present-day mixtures associated with it and its people... fascinating image that came to your mind. Communism? Or something older being referred to? I have very mixed feelings on social/political systems. It is a huge problem dealing with fractured pieces (human individuals), trying to get them to work together/live together. Communism in some ways is a lovely image, yet also a terrifying idea at the same time - and so is the opposite (can one truly consider Capitalism the pure opposite? I'm not entirely certain...) Problematic, like anything. No system is truly functional. We suffer from the human condition... and that can mean so many different things...

Chains of society:

Rather than comparing you to other artists, as is often the case when people react to any form of expression - I like to view your work alone and as unencumbered by what I've seen before, as possible. Your interpretation of this statement and execution, is as ever, amazing. There cannot be too many people who would not be understanding of this image.

Dramatic Evolution of the isolated Self in Purple:

The first thing that jumps to mind from this image was something written by one of my more favorite bands: the song "Schism" by Tool. I heard in my mind the lyrics "Cold silence has a tendency to atrophy any sense of compassion between supposed lovers, between supposed brothers."

Is it me or is it Dali?:

This is fantastic, to see where you might have originated from. Your art began with Salavdor's influence and has taken its own wholly personal and unique direction. I'd say You have elements of Goya in your work as well...

Companion of my soul:

I get a sense of Enlightenment through what I'm going to venture a guess are references to literature and the Greeks. The stillness of most of the painting coupled to the movement of the figure's hair suggests absorption of emotion through the figure's hands into the mind, and up into the umbrella-like shape above - implying reading and intense experience from the figure's consumption of words. Fantastic, sir!


posted: 10.04.07

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Shopping Heaven


Shopping Heaven


Before I start I need to say, that my thoughts do not apply to everyone in society (so please do not get offended straight away), but it certainly affects quite a lot of people…I don't know how many but I have this guts feeling that "we" seem to be striving towards this trend….it seems to me like an illness, which spreads over the western hemisphere…this is the way I perceive it and I draw my conclusions by observing my surroundings…I haven't done any proper research regarding this subject…I would love to do that but then I could spend at least a month on that subject and this would steal time from painting and creating…so all of you, who expect a proper research...forgive me because I haven't done it…all this is (as I said) a gut feeling but something tells me that I am not the only one thinking this way….
We are living in a consumer society, in which the material goods seem to be more important than the "important things" in life …ok, everyone decides him/herself, what is important in his/her life but in my opinion shopping and material goods are certainly not so important….
But lots of people seem to have this urge of wanting more and more…they cannot leave a shopping centre with an empty bag or no bags at all…but the sad thing is that quite a lot of these people put themselves in an evil circle…they gain happiness from material goods, therefore they need to buy some things in order to get a hint of a smile on their face…but this happiness only lasts for a very short period of time….it seems to vanish with time and lots of people loose the appreciation after a week…they do not see their new kitchen table the same way anymore than when they bought it…
but where is the evil circle to be found??? Of course, if you want to buy something you need money…and in order to get money you have to work….and people try to do as much as possible in order to earn more money…and if that means overtime, then it means overtime, as long as you can see the new kitchen table in the kitchen….instead of maybe considering being happy with less materials (only the things, one really need) and start living live, which (in my eyes) makes more sense…but no….this doesn't seem to fit into the system we live in…otherwise a few people would loose a lot of money…and we don't want that??'
What else is there to say….I have a line from the film "Fight Club" in my head….
"Things you own end up owning you"…and isn't that in some ways true?? You have a car (therefore you have to think about insurance, parking etc.), you have a computer (all these bloody viruses, which drive everyone crazy not to mention when it suddenly "crashes"), you have a mortgage (paperwork paperwork paperwork)…and at the end of the day all this ends up in a huge headache, which you have to cure quickly with an aspirin instead of trying to change things in your own life in order to prevent the headache….but anyway, imagine a life without a car (I don't have one, still just my bicycle), without a mortgage (Certainly I cant afford that one..hehe) etc etc….isn't there less to worry at the end of the day and you can get on with YOUR life and find out what really makes you happy??? But to find this out is not very easy for lots of people and shopping seems to be the easy way out…
The choice is all yours but unfortunately people are somehow looked strange at in case they do not OWN things…that seems to be a misconception in this system….if you have nothing then you are NOTHING….I see all this as a big bunch of bollocks but it seems to be this way…
Lets hop onto the next wagon and lets see what other thoughts can be found on my train of thoughts….
Olga went once to Peru and she was telling me about an experience in one Peruvian village….according to her one of the poorest villages according to western standards…but once she entered this village there was one thing, which got stuck in her mind….the children there all had a smile on their faces….they had nothing regarding material terms but they all felt warmth in their hearts….so are they not in some ways richer than we are in our all so sophisticated western cities??? Or do you find lots of people in the London tube smiling up to both ears??? I didn't…unless they were completely stoned….
What are your thoughts now? Agreement or disagreement? As I said, probably much more factors do play a role here but I am not interested in writing a book here….I am interested in stirring up conversations and whatever your opinion is, once again I hope I have achieved my goal ….
That shall be it for today….


posted: 19.03.07

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Where will it end?

Earthlings (1/3)


Where will it end?


This is my opinion and you don’t have to agree with it…Maybe I am wrong…maybe I am not… but after seeing a very similar video I just have to let all the “shit” out…

Some people just deserve to DIE or at least they should get a taste of the same treatment…We seem to live in a rational world in which emotions seem to be of an somewhat “unimportant” nature….as long as this is the case situations like the one will continue to occur…but do we have the power to change anything in this???
What will happen if you OWN life keeps standing above everything without any respect for everything, that is around you?
Will rationality win and turn this planet into a sphere of ice without any form of life? Will it be a planet, on which you have to walk around with a gasmask in order to be able to breathe??? Just don’t let it happen please!!!

Thanks for listening


posted: 13.02.07

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Who controls the Children


"Who controls the children?"


I am not a father myself and therefore I cannot judge fully but I try to perceive and observe my surroundings and I believe that (to a certain extend) I can make up my own opinion this way…
Children are the next generation but looking at the streets of London, Barcelona, Berlin or wherever (I presume), you can see quite a lot of children and teenagers, who do not seem to know the meaning of the word "value". (Ok, I need to mention that, thanks to all the parents, who can perform the miracle of using 150% of their energy in order to do the best for their kids.) For them it seems to be more important to be "cool" (in this cruel society in which cool is actually quite often just "stupid") than to help a grandma in a bus and offer her your seat. To me the question automatically arises: Why?
I do not want to blame parents here (although I believe there are probably some parents out there that don't deserve to bring up kids because they just don't know how to do it)….I can understand that most parents nowadays want to do the best for their children but lots of them live a life in which they are working 5 days a week and during the evening and weekend they are preoccupied with sorting out the bills and a million other problems that occur on a daily basis. The stress level of lots of parents (not all of them) seems to increase so much that they don't seem to find another way than using the most efficient baby sitter on earth….the TV. Thus the TV programs have already a great influence on the children and teenagers and we all know that most of the stuff you can see on TV is just crap.
Lots of parents are not provided with enough time to educate and bring up their children the proper way and this seems to be a problem right from the beginning of parenthood…For example is the maternity leave in England (if I am not mistaken) only 3 months long, in Spain only 4 months…so you are a mother and after such a short period of time you have to give your child away and then someone else is in charge…GREAT!…and the governments are complaining that the child rate is too low in most western European states and that more children are needed in order to sustain our way of living…Why is that?
They probably think that lost of people don't want to have kids and just blame it on the young people, who seem to be so selfish nowadays in such a way that they don't want to give up their own life in order to provide for another (this is probably the case quite often as well but not all the time)…but did they ever consider the thought that it seems to be an impossible task for lots of young adults to bring up children (the time issue, the financial issue etc.)? I don't want to say that it is impossible to bring up kids in this world and to teach them values but it is certainly not easy…I am talking for my generation here (20-35)….most people of my generation seem to struggle (most of the ones I know anyway) and I hope that the "older" generation realizes this…
By the way, the name of this painting was taken from a documentary I saw that was made by mothers in the USA. This documentary is called "Who controls our children" (if I remember correctly) and you can find it on Google video.
In this documentary it is said that the American education system has changed over the past few years. Nowadays it doesn't seem to be based so much on achieving results. Instead it tries to "change" the character of the children…For example: If you are a kid and you usually have a characteristic attitude of going "against the flow", questioning too much etc, then the education system is built in such a way that it will put you into a circle until you won't go against the flow anymore….are these kids already "brainwashed" to such a degree that they will turn out to be "slaves" of society without a free thought?? (I know I exaggerate here but I want to make my point clear.)
By the way…I could try to say all of this in one sentence…I get the feeling that nowadays profits and money seem to be more important than kids and this "sucks"…
All these are of course just a few thoughts. A whole night of conversation can be based on this topic and many other issues (like influence of the media or coorporations for example) which I did not mention here do play a role. I just wanted to give you a hint of my way of thinking and anyway, I don't want to "bore" you too much. (Do I??? And I still have to translate this whole text into Spanish, that's going to take ages…so I want to keep it "short" in order to be able to start with the next project)…
If you have any thoughts regarding this matter, or want to criticise something then you are of course more than welcome to drop me a line. You know my mail address…


posted: 11.02.07

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Ok ,where shall I start???


I do not want to sit at home watching BIG BROTHER, whilst exactly the same thing (Big Brother) is happening currently outside your doorstep and it has become reality already…and (just to top it) in the future you might find Big Brother inside you own walls at home …scary business!!!!
With this painting I want to present the culture of fear we seem to be living in. Why? Everything nowadays in the western world seems to be about the protection from….yes…from whom or what actually???
Lets take a trip to London…I checked out the official London police reports from 2000 and 2005 and in both reports it says that the crime rate in general in London went down in percentage and that the police solved more matters than the year before (this applies to both years…2000 and 2005)…isn't that GREAT!!! Ok…but than on the other hand I checked out the sales of security equipment and guess what…the sales of CCTV equipment has risen each year and will rise by 8% each year until the year 2010…Ok…to me this in itself is a contradiction already…
If you walk through the streets of London you find one camera next to the other, lamp posts with 6 cameras alone mounted on them…according to a documentary I saw there are already 4 million CCTV cameras installed in London…if I remember correctly there are 8 Million people (tell me if I am wrong) living in London….so 1 camera for 2 people…that's just crazy!!!!
And people start to say already that they are willing to accept the cameras in order to be secured…but once again….secured from what??? If someone wants to take a bomb down to the tube he will do it with or without the camera…. It is known that politicians use the mass media to shape a picture in the heads of the community, which inflicts fear…
People living in fear are better controllable and easier to influence…this "tactic" has been used by politicians already for a long time and THEY STILL USE IT…That's crazy….basically what I am saying is here….and I might sound extreme but we are brainwashed here and we don't even realize it.
Latest example once again is America….after 911 (which is actually another "lie" from my point of view), all you could see on the major TV channels was: "TERROR ALERT"…this caused people to fear (although the Terror picture they perceived is a wrong one, from my point of view, since the media is creating a completely false picture)…thus mister Bush got through with his patriot act….GREAT! this is to me a great example that people, who live in fear, are just PUPPETS for the people in power. And the Americans lost again a little part of their freedom…and who has the advantage of that??? …the Bush administration because a controlled mass is better to handle that a mass of people who actually have "freedom of thought"…
Back to London, people in London are probably already used by the mass of cameras and do not pay attention to them anymore….but what will be the next step…now we are used to the mass of cameras…will we get used to be checked on a daily basis too??? (Mmmm…reminds me a bit of the Stasi in East Germany…if I remember correctly….) Will we accept it??? Is there then actually "Freedom of thought"??? Are we played with our subconscious in order to lead us into a direction, which ends up being a "democratic-dictatorship" (What the heck is that????)????? And anyway, isn't a good relationship with your neighbour or the community you live in one of the best "protectors"???? I think so but that idea doesn't seem to be supported by the current government…it goes more into the direction ' Lets fight with the neighbour because he has got a better car and I am jealous about it!!!!
As I said this is a short interpretation (hehe)…of course A LOT of other factors do play a role, if you disagree or if you have any other ideas or opinions or want to know more of my thoughts then just drop me a line and I will take my time to try to explain in detail…
Now I hope that you will enjoy the painting and maybe I gave you some thoughts for a nice conversation with woman, men, friends or whoever tonight…


posted: 11.02.07

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Shall we adjust???  

Shall we adjust to what seems to be heading towards us or shall we be selfish and keep on living our “wasteful” lifes the way we do????


posted: 11.02.07

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