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Lars SchotzauWassup!!! There can be so many reason to get in contact with me... Either you want to have a fight with words of mass destruction, or maybe Mr. James Bond would like to have a word with me. Or is there maybe the possibility that you really like one of my paintings and you would love to buy it. Who knows?

If I work hard (as all the Germans seem to do - what a beautiful cliché) then I might be one of the top artists in about 500 years and you can make your grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-children rich... Be honest - YOU'RE LOVIN IT!

So here is my address if you want to get in contact with me for whatever reason.

To My Way Of Thinking

To My Way Of Thinking...
Can you do me a favour Mister?Always!

“Can you do me a favour Mister?”




Lars Schotzau


Phone: 0034 647212807



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