Lars SchotzauI am in the fortunate or unfortunate position (depends on how you see it) that mass media hasn't discovered my art yet and spreads it all around on billboards, magazines etc. in order to confuse your minds and thus I was in the position of leaving the cosines of my house in order to show you what I have done so far... or you can call it very simply…my previous exhibitions.

To My Way Of Thinking

To My Way Of Thinking...
It is controlling you without you even realizing it!But still, my goal isn't materialism.

“It is controlling you without you even realizing it!”


“But still, my goal isn't materialism.”


Latest Work

Latest Work

The other side of the ad
One of the new pieces for my new Concept exhibition. A complete series of art works inspired by every day thoughts.

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Next Exhibition: 

Oil-paintings and photographs  03-12-2009 at 8pm
"Andalucia"; Cafe & Té, Rambla Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain


Individual Exhibitions: 

Oil-paintings 07-2000
The Leopard; Old Street, London, UK

Oil-paintings, photographs and poetry 10-2001
Lewis Elton Gallery; University of Surrey, Guilford, UK

Oil-paintings, photographs and poetry 03-2002
Hotel am Tiergarten; Salzburg, Austria

Oil-paintings and photographs 05-2003
Media Centre; London, UK

Oil-paintings 04-2005
Bar Room Bar; Hamstead, London, UK

Oil-paintings "Emotions" 10-2005
Red Gate Gallery; Brixton, London, UK

Oil-paintings 06-2008
Setball Tennis; Sant Cugat, Spain

Conceptual 11-2009
Galeria CON; Barcelona, Spain


Collective Exhibitions: 

Oil-painting 02-2005
"Art for Love"; OXO Gallery, London, UK

Oil-paintings 03-2008
Casa Andalucia; Barcelona, Spain

CON 07-2009
Galeria CON; Barcelona, Spain

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