Lars SchotzauNow that you have entered the site let me carry on to write a bit more.

First of all some historic facts about myself. I was born in Berlin. (bla bla bla) I grew up in a system, in which a Hifi-system cost half your monthly wages but the school education was free of charge... I can put it in just one word…a system called Socialism. I don't want to exclaim to be a socialist or communist but I still would recommend reading Marx's manifesto. Anyway, at some point one world famous wall crumbled into pieces...

Barcelona GraffitiStreetartAnyway, I am one of these people, who tries his best to work in a profession, which doesn’t seem to give you any income (heavy start for an introduction of a homepage, isn’t it?) or let’s put it that way... it is pretty difficult to make some money, the profession of ART. But hey, as long it makes me happy I am fine with it and I tell you... IT DOES MAKE ME HAPPY.

Ok, ok I know, WELCOME TO REALITY... I need to pay my bills, need to do some shopping for food and wine and once in a while I need to escape to the art-shop to get a new canvas or a new set of brushes but still... I see it as some sort of passion and it doesn’t want to leave me... What a great feeling.

This website has the purpose of sharing my ART with you. But what is ART? Weird word! Is a red dot on a white canvas a piece of ART and can it provoke a discussion, which will last a minute, an hour or will it be even for weeks in the news??? It is entirely up to you what ART is and what it isn’t... Ok here you won't find a red dot on a canvas but see for yourself and see if it leaves an impression behind. I do hope so!

But you will not find only ART here. This site has been carefully designed to share art as well as thoughts, emotions and it should hopefully have an effect like the film “American Beauty” on your brainwaves. It is an exhibition easily accessible to everyone with a little toy called computer. Thus, it can be seen all over the world and it doesn’t cost me a penny, GREAT!...

Ok ok it costs me a bit but not as much as a proper exhibition in New York or London where my friends, the art dealers, ask for a commission of up to 50%. Do you call this fair? Anyway, let’s not get to this subject... So my friends out there, do me the BIG FAVOUR and tell all your friends about this website. It would help me to create more. But before you do that, take this little tour around with a big smile on your face and leave some thoughts and impressions behind... You have the possibility. So ENJOY!!!!

Latest Work

Latest Work

The other side of the ad
One of the new pieces for my new Concept exhibition. A complete series of art works inspired by every day thoughts.

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on the 19.11.09


Latest News

Latest News

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Exhibition Larsarts

Exhibition 7/11 until 26/11
A complete new "Larsarts" presents his new work at Galeria CON. An exhibition called "Open your eyes and see for yourself" can be seen from the 7th of November onwards and will be open for 3 weeks. The work on show is a completely new approach the way I perceive art and the meaning behind it. Mainly being conceptual art is can be seen as a representation of my vision towards society, politics and environment. Thoughts captured in the wall of frames using all sorts of materials. You can have a little preview by clicking "HERE". For further information on the gallery and exhibition space please visit .

exhibitions exhibition



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The Arts of Lars

The Art of Lars

symbiosis Can the complexity of the human soul be expressed through art? If the usage of traces and colours is skilful and the creations are intoxicated with the emotions of the one who brought them to life then it certainly can. Lars’ paintings are storytellers of the insights of the artist and the spectator has the strong sensation of being in front of a revealing whisper that talks about a deep truth. Through a precise and balanced technique Lars plays not only with the spectator but also and primarily with him in the most vertiginous battle between the rational and the emotional showing the beauty in the human weaknesses because they reflect the pureness in human nature itself. Using surrealism and a mainly symbolist technique, Lars proposes a world were the heart and the soul take over the mind and the thoughts become emotions that twirl around the curvy inhabitants of his paintings filling the canvas with intensity and warmth.  The spectator gets engaged in the most desired and pleasant trip through emotions by admiring his sinuous women, sensual flowers, thoughtful men and landscapes from paradise. They are the diary of the artist who openly shows his inside world under a soft light indulging in the feelings that are the engine of his brush. An amazing trip to everyone’s emotional side through the beauty and voluptuous complexity of Lars’ traces on the canvas. 

Olga Rojas Blanc
Written by Olga Rojas Blanc, Spanish writer.

Published in... mmmm... nowhere! But she wrote it especially for me because she thinks that my art is awesome... what a nice feeling... I can tell you that.