I am still one of these “poor” (financially) artists, who tries to gain richness (mentally)…but welcome to reality…cash is needed and I just don’t like sucking other people’s wallets (leather is not my cup of tea)…after all I am still a German and whenever I get the chance to build a site I am more than happy about it and it is fun anyway…This brings me to the point…If YOU need a simple site (purely representational…I am still a bit confused with all this database stuff) then click and drop me a line…Would be a great pleasure to do that for you…But for now…check out what I have done so far…

Latest Work

To My Way Of Thinking...
In my next life I want to be 
                  a dolphin!Hey 
                  dude, you've developed quite a bit then.

“In my next life I want to be a dolphin!”


“Hey dude, you've developed quite a bit then.”


Latest Work

Latest Work

The other side of the ad
One of the new pieces for my new Concept exhibition. A complete series of art works inspired by every day thoughts.

larger larger


Exhibition Larsarts

Exhibition 7/11 until 26/11
A complete new "Larsarts" presents his new work at Galeria CON. An exhibition called "Open your eyes and see for yourself" can be seen from the 7th of November onwards and will be open for 3 weeks. The work on show is a completely new approach the way I perceive art and the meaning behind it. Mainly being conceptual art is can be seen as a representation of my vision towards society, politics and environment. Thoughts captured in the wall of frames using all sorts of materials. You can have a little preview by clicking "HERE". For further information on the gallery and exhibition space please visit .

exhibitions exhibition

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All music has been kindly provided by each individual musician. Please click on the Link section in order to find details about each artist represented by Larsarts.


If you need to send me an email ...bla bla bla... then use .



Cavenecadas Beautiful jewels like necklaces, earrings or rings done by Olga Rojas Blanc...Check out her stuff (and in case you are a man --> this would be a perfect present for your wife, girldfriend, woman of your dreams or whoever you have in your mind)...Click on the link and enjoy! 

go to cavenecadas Cavenecadas

Fay Shelton

Fay Shelton She is an artist, always tries to express through a millions of materials, what is in her head. Awesome Illustrations, paintings and thoughts, which can "play" with your mind...Interested? Just click on the link below... 

go to fay shelton Jewels  

Mas de la Boissiere

Boissiere Definitely a place to go to if you want to have a relaxed holiday in the South of France....Imagine you wake up and all you can hear is "nothing"...What a delight!!! 

go to mas de la boissiere Mas de la Boissiere  



Patisserie Macaron A beautiful little Patisserie in the south of London. If you are in the area then please do not hesitate to pop in...I can especially recommend the Macarons. But for now have a look at their site. 

go to patisserie macaron Macaron  

Galeria CON

Galeria CON

Galeria CON A refreshing new exhibition space which aims to offer a stage to the creative and the brave. Nestled in a square in amongst the tightly knit streets and alleyways of the romantic Gothic part of Barcelona, an area known for the Picasso museum as well as many other arty and cultural centres of reference, you'll find CON. 

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